Zentrale München:
Ölbergring 30a
83620 Feldkirchen
Tel.: +49 (8063) 973 70 - 0
Fax: +49 (8063) 973 70 - 10

Standort Schweinfurt:
Lindestr. 12a
97469 Gochsheim
Tel.: +49 (9721) 730 88 - 0
Fax: +49 (9721) 730 88 - 19

Company development and objectives

With two central locations in Germany, QPT Innovative Technik Handels GmbH is a successful, mature, medium-sized business and has been so now for over 40 years. As part of an International network, we cultivate long-term partnerships with our suppliers and offer our customers precise solutions, high-quality products and interesting services in the field of industrial measurement technology.

The right product at the right time, at a fair market price. A customer-oriented service on the phone, at your premises and on the Internet. Solution-oriented, professional help, even after-purchase. We provide tailored advice and are on hand in person to help. Our customers like this fact. Customers are glad to be our partner and we are seen as a valued supplier for small craft enterprises through to major international groups.

Our team consists of young, innovative and experienced, long-term employees with great expertise and a high level of commitment. So, as to consolidate and expand their knowledge, gaining further qualifications is seen as a matter of course for QPT employees. Teamwork, fairness and a pleasant working climate is important to us internally, and indeed externally in dealing with customers and partners.

As a certified company, we assume our responsibility for our environment. We strive to protect nature’s scarce resources and make an active contribution to this, for example through having a digital catalogue. Thanks to this, we are able to save 1.5 tonnes of paper per year! With regard to the future, we focus on sustainable growth and the continued expansion of our product range. Thus, we are constantly in search of new solutions in the field of measurement technology.

Since we can only offer you a small overview of our range of services here, we would invite you to visit our online shop at www.qpt.de. Or contact us by telephone or email.
We are looking forward to working with you.

QPT Managing Directors
Michael Kaltenstadler and Berthold Unteidig
and team


Michael Kaltenstadler
Managing Director


Berthold Unteidig
Managing Director


Susanne Häupler
Assistant Managing Director


Sabine Ketterl
Sales Assistant


Sabine Moser
Sales Assistant


Sigrid Schwartling
Sales Assistant


David Schmitt
Sales Engineer


Wolfgang Ulrich
Sales Engineer


Tobias Kaltenstadler


Marko Leubner
Service Technician


Lukas Jockisch
Sales Engineer