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Thread measurement today -> future-ready

Based on our established ConturoMatic-T systems, we have developed measuring devices that enable flexible, fast, and cost-effective measurement of gauge and functional threads with outstanding effectiveness and accuracy. In conjunction, with the currently most powerful software for calculating the characteristics of gauge and functional threads, QM-Soft ®, we offer you an unrivaled efficient and flexible tool for modern measurement of gauges and functional threads. The robust design and the simple operation allow a usage close to the production without any limitations.

Our ConturoMatic GS/GM-X systems are increasingly used in DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-03 accredited DAkkS calibration laboratories. In addition, the requirement for internal laboratories written down in IATF 16949 section can be realized as well.

* The measurement procedures DAkkS-DKD-R 4-3 sheet 4.8:2010 Option 1 to 5, as well as sheet 4.9:2010 Option 1 to 5 are applicable without taking any limitations.

ConturoMatic & QM-Soft®

Scanning the whole upper and lower thread contour, enables the evaluation of all relevant thread parameters. For this purpose, the recorded measuring points are used. Interpolation of measurement data is not necessary thanks to our dynamic speed control, which leads to a constant data point spacing orthogonal to the surface.

Areas of application

The ConturoMatic GS/GM-X thread scanners can be used in series production with automated measuring processes as well as in the measuring room or calibration laboratory.

Range of application

Thread gauges as well as male and female threads M1 to M300. With our GM-XL up to M500.

Specific elements of our GS/GM-X systems

Accessories and software of our ConturoMatic GS GewindeScanner and GM-X GewindeMaster, are customized to meet the special requirements of thread measurement. All elements, necessary for the measurement of thread gauges, are included. The UA-150, included in the scope of delivery, ensures a safe fixture of thread ring gauges M1 – M70 and plug gauges M1 – M100. Thanks to a wide range of available probe arms and probe tips, the measurement of most thread types and thread gauges is feasible. We also offer probes and methods for measuring small internal threads from M1 (patent pending), or shape-optimized probes for measuring tapered threads. Our optionally available thread standard SN-100 allows a fast system check.

Contour- and roughness measurement

Besides the thread measurements, the basic flexibility of contour and roughness measurements remains unrestricted. ConturoMatic T1, T3, TS-UD and TS-X systems already in use can easily be upgraded to a thread scanner.

Our optimized data interface to the L&W QM-Soft ® evaluation software offers you a variety of advantages:

  • Automated management of thread measuring sequences
  • Selection aid of the tracing arm suitable for the specific thread type
  • Software-based suitability check of the selected tracing arm
  • Detection of faulty measurements due to incorrect parameter settings
  • Automatic generated save files of measurements
  • Considerable time savings due to measurement process optimization
  • Automated processes reduce the possibility of operating failures

Measuring process of the thread scanners ConturoMatic GS/GM-X

The conjunction of our ConturoMatic software with the thread modules of L&Ws “QM-Soft ®”, enables you to perform exact, fast and repeatable evaluations in just a few steps. The integrated database includes all parameters and tolerances of common, but also exotic thread standards.

For the calculation of the thread contour, various deviations caused by the scanning of the thread pitch and measurement-related deviations are corrected and calculated to the actual contour (contact correction).

Automated positioning of the thread axis – GAS

Precise thread measurement absolutely requires scanning at the zenith of the thread. Due to the flank pitch, manual positioning of the probe is often practically impossible.
Our “GAS module” for seeking thread axis, determines the optimal probe tip position software-controlled and autonomously, and can be integrated into automatic measuring sequences (usable for thread gauges from M1).

Example – automated series measurement

For serial measurement of threads, several thread profiles can be acquired in one measuring task. Such measuring programs are created by using our proven and simple Teach-In function. The operator does not need any knowledge of special software functions to perform these steps.

After the fully automated measuring sequence, the digitized data is automatically transferred to the QM-Soft® for evaluation.