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Inductive measuring sensor by Peter Hirt

Hirt-sensors are based on an inductive measuring system and are available with measuring ranges of ± 1 mm to ± 5. All sensor housings (except T200 Series) are coated with titanium-nitride. A pre-stressed, hand-lapped ball guide is used as a linear guide. The inductive sensors are available on request in various calibrations and special designs.

Clamping is possible over the entire shaft, although the continued easy movement of the linear guide must be ensured. Radial forces on the linear guide reduce its lifespan. The measuring insert is replaceable. Replacement must be performed using the enclosed key. The housing must not be subject to any force via the sensor axle. It should be ensured that the bellows and rings are correctly seated.


Digital measuring sensors

The digital Magnescale measuring sensors work on a magnetic, incremental principle, which guarantees the accuracy over the entire measuring range. The digital signal-processing enables a very high traversing speed of 80 m/min with a resolution of 0.1 μm. The electronic system also monitors the traversing velocity and thus prevents numeric errors. The magnetic measuring principle renders the probe extremely insensitive to contamination in the production environment. Due to the high accuracy, the traversing velocity and the insensitivity, the digital Magnescale’s measuring sensors are ideal for automated measuring applications on production and assembly plants with short cycle times and changing workpieces.