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Form and position

In addition to the determination of intervals – contours – surface quality, form and position measurement (colloquially known as “roundness measurement”) is an important feature. The CIRCOM R100 form tester, with its easy-to-use Windows 10-compatible software is the economical solution for the collection of data on roundness – concentric run-out – cylindrical form and all other elements according to DIN ISO 1101.

Circom R100 CNC - Form-and-position-measuring device

The compact form-and-position-measuring device Circom – R100 CNC is characterised by a highly accurate, mechanically stored rotary table and a measuring Z-axis. The determination of cylindrical form is therefore not a problem! A motorised R-axis enables fully automatic CNC measuring processes. Across a large measurement range: 400 mm Z-axis, diameter 160 mm, part weight 20 kg, you can determine – with great precision – all form and position parameters such as roundness, flatness, perpendicularity, concentricity, etc… An integrated sensor swivel unit increases flexibility considerably. The evaluation is performed via our Circom Software on any standard Win PC.

  • Mechanically mounted rotary table; up to 20 kg load
  • Measuring Z-axis for determination of cylindrical form
  • Motorised R-axis for CNC measuring sequence

Download:  030-113_Circom

Function excerpt:

  • Roundness
  • Flatness
  • Straightness
  • Cylindricity
  • Conicity
  • Taper shape
  • Concentricity
  • Parallelism
  • Right angles
  • Tilt
  • Coaxiality
  • Concentric run-out
  • Axial run-out
  • Fourier analysis
  • Centring aid
  • Levelling aid

Circom form-and-position software

The easy-to-use Circom evaluation software is at the heart of our form-and-position measuring devices. Adapted to the needs of the user, all functions are easy to access and have easy-to-understand icons. Through the integrated centring and levelling aids, this work step loses its fear element too. The supplied Fourier analysis is an extremely valuable tool, particularly in terms of bearing production. The creation of CNC measuring processes is easy to accomplish thanks to the drag and drop program editor.