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Smartic M – The portable surface-measuring device

The portable measurement device Smartic M, with an integrated evaluation unit and an interchangeable free-probe system, combines mobility with highly accurate measurements according to the following standards: ISO 4287, ISO 13565, ISO 12085, DIN 4768, VDA 2007, JIS B0671, JIS B0601, JIS, B0631, ASME B46.1. Through the high resolution 7-inch touchscreen and membrane keyboard, and thus easy handling with small dimensions, it can be used in the measuring room as well as on the production line. The device has an error-detection system in the form of an overflow warning if the sensing device is not resting on the surface or if there is overly-high pressure on the sensing device.

The large internal memory offers space for a multitude of measurements. The measurements are stored and logged via the built-in USB interface directly on a printer or PC. Measured data can be saved on a USB stick. Software updates take place fully automatically via a USB update stick. The supplied probe head with changeable probe arms is used as free sensing device or, with mounted sliding protection, as a standard “running” sensing device. Other sensing devices with different offsets, e.g. for small holes or deep grooves, are available.

  • For portable and stationary use
  • Easy-to-use interface via large, high-resolution, 7-inch touchscreen
  • Free sensing system for flexible measuring tasks
  • 90° sensor arm pivot for measurements in
  • The direction of rotation in cylinders/drill holes
  • Large measured value memory with 4000 measurements/1000 profiles
  • Automatic, standard-based detection of cut-off
  • Entry and definition of the parameters
  • Mini contour evaluation up to 3 mm (Z), 60 mm
  • Dimensions (H x L x W) 85 x 280 x 75 mm
  • Battery and mains operation

Download:  030-103_Rauheit

Smartic XS – mobile surface-measurement device

With the Smartic XS and the Roughness Studio Lite software, which can be installed free of charge on portable devices like tablets and smartphones and as well on Windows PCs, you are up to date of surface measurement systems with skid scanners. You can choose to use the system with or without software.

There is no need for disturbing connection cables between computer and measuring device – use the standard connection via Bluetooth.

The Roughness Studio Lite software expands the instrument’s functionality, allowing you to run multiple measurement programmes with different, workpiece-specific settings.
Results can be logged in PDF and Excel format.

The Roughness Studio Premium software calculates 44 roughness parameters and enables statistical evaluation of the stored measurements. Older measurements can also be recalculated with changed settings.

  • Smartic XS mobile useable
  • The 90° swivelling probe head enables measurements even in places that are difficult to access, such as grooves.
  • Parameter settings for the Smartic XS, evaluation of the measurements and reporting are possible via mobile devices or the Windows PC.
  • Measuring range 16 mm

Download:  030-103_Rauheit

Smartic Connect – the retrofit system

Roughness measurement made simple!
With the Smartic Connect System and the Smartic App evaluation software, you can bring your existing Mahr® roughness measuring device up to the latest level of measuring technology.

In a “plug and play” procedure, connect your existing feed unit of the series -PZK ; PGK; GD, as well as optionally your motorised Z-column with the Smartic Connect Box and this via USB with the Windows PC and start the Smartic App evaluation software.

  • Control box for connection of Feed unit of the series -PZK ; PGK ; GD
  • Control box in robust aluminium housing
  • Simple connection to the feed unit (plug-and-play)
  • Connection of the motorised Z-column

Download:  030-103_Rauheit

RT10 - The mobile surface-measurement device

The RT10 mobile surface-measurement device for the measurement and analysis of roughness parameters, at the production site itself. Incl. practical accessories in a case, such as prism mounting, feet, standard battery, sensing device guard, PC interface.

  • Handy, small roughness-measurement device for mobile use on the production line
  • Robust “running” sensing system
  • Operation via standard, rechargeable batteries
  • Measurement path up to 16 mm
  • Measuring sensor can be rotated 90° (transverse sensing)

Download:  030-103_Rauheit

RTP 80 – the industrial surface-measurement device

The RTP80 surface-measuring device with integrated printer is designed for the measurement and evaluation of surface roughness in accordance with the following standards: ISO 4287, ISO 12085 (MOTIF or CNOMO), DIN, ASME, JIS. Thanks to a membrane keyboard, easy handling and small dimensions, it can be used in the measuring room as well as on the production line. The device has a warning and error-detection system. It warns and blocks all erroneous settings during set-up and measurement. The internal memory of 400 kb offers space for a multitude of measurements. It has two memory modes: Memo and Statistical. In Memo mode, the measurements are stored in order to log and/or print them. Up to 12 parameters can be saved for each measurement; these can be displayed and printed as graphics or as a histogram. PC-connection via RS232 interface.

  • Easy operation via 6-inch touchscreen
  • Integrated printer for fast and easy logging
  • Free sensing system for flexible measuring tasks
  • Intelligent fault detection by warning in the case of incorrect settings
  • TS7 feeders (measurement range 25 mm) and TL90 feeders (measurement range 50 mm) can be connected
  • Integrated memory of 400 Kb
  • Excellent as a retrofit system for older feeders (e.g. PRK)
  • Battery and mains operation

Download:  030-103_Rauheit